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25th Anniversary

Plexx is proud to be celebrating its 25th anniversary of providing a unique and trusted range of equipment in support of life science research. From the company’s inception in 1993 our company has seen 25 successful years of steady growth in its business, it’s staff and portfolio of products.

Plexx started out, in partnership with BMDS, as their European Distributor for RFID animal identification and IVC caging systems with a small team of dedicated and loyal individuals based in offices in Elst, The Netherlands where it remains today albeit in expanded and modernised premises as befits a company working in the ever-changing world of bio-research. The Plexx premises now includes an expanded warehouse, offices, dedicated engineering workshops and Hydropac pouch production area as well as training facilities for visiting clients,

Over the years our portfolio has grown with significant additions such as the Hydropac watering system, an extensive range of environmental enrichment products including the ever popular Nestlets and in more recent years E-Z anaesthesia and euthanasia equipment. Our ever growing catalogue also includes sections on conventional caging and containment systems and continues to expand as new products are developed.

Of course the most important element of any company is the people that work in it. The dedicated team that started the company 25 years ago are for the most part still with us and in this time has grown to give us representation across Europe with members of staff in Germany, France, Belgium and the UK as well as the Netherlands. With this growth comes additional expertise and skills, we can boast having people with a veterinary science, scientific research, animal technology, engineering and administration background amongst our number.

It has been our pleasure to work with our many clients and partners since the company first came into existence. We have to thank all of you for your continued support and the positive relationship’s that have helped Plexx to grow and flourish as it has and look forward to that continuing for many years to come.